High Speed Rotary Positioning Labeling Machine

High Speed Rotary Positioning Labeling Machine
The High Speed Rotary Positioning Labeling Machine is designed to achieve a reasonable production goal. The labeling process is automated, the operation is simple, the production speed is fast, the labeling position is uniform, beautiful, and tidy; it is suitable for the round container labeling in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries, and can be labeled on the whole week and half circumference. Optional ribbon coder and printer, labeling at the same time to achieve print production batch number, production date and other information. To achieve the integration of labeling and coding, reduce the number of packaging processes, and increase production efficiency.

Labeling speed50-100b/m

(Adjustable speed, depending on bottle size and label length)

Labeling accuracy+1mm(depends on products Characteristics, hardness and trueness of the circle)
Bottle diameter30-130mm
Object range Height: 20mm ~ ~ 300mm (Can be customized according to customer requirements)
Label specificationsHeight:10mm~~150mm  Length: 15~~300mm

(Special specifications can be customized)

Roll diameter Φ76mm Outer roll diameter: Φ300(max)
 Power supply AC220V 50/60HZ 1500W
Weight 200KG
Package Size2000*1300*1500mm

The scope of application

Label on the special position of round bottle in beverage, health care, food, medicine, daily chemical and light industry. (note: our machine can be customized rely on your requirement)

Device characteristic

Adopt mature technology PLC control system, stable and high-speed operation;

Touch-screen man-machine interface operating , simple and efficient;

High-power import servo motor, labeling fast and accurately.

Upgrade version of the dish standard station design, also suit for the conical bottle ;

Reciprocating cylinder positioning, label the product specified location accurately,

The whole machine use S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy material, with high corrosion resistance and never rust;

No bottle not labeling, automatic alarm when leakage label.

For the transparent label no wrinkle and bubble .

Equipment Function

1) Control system: German SIEMENS PLC control system, with stable operation and extremely low failure rate.

2) Operation system: German SIEMENS 7 inch touch screen, with Chinese and English language, also rich with help function and fault display function.

3) Labeling system: The whole labeling engine use German Avery brand , only SKILT with this kinds labeling engine in China, with rather high Competitive Advantage;

4) Alarm function: Such as label spill, label broken or other malfunction during machine working all will alarm and stop working.

5) Machine Material: Machine and spare parts all use material S304 stainless steel and anodized senior aluminum alloy,with high corrosion resistance and never rust.

6) Others: Low voltage circuit all use the German Schneider brand. The bearing use IKO.