Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Automatic Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machine

Automatic sleeve labeling machine is suitable for kinds of bottle types, for example: round bottle, square bottle, flat bottle,curve bottle and cup-shaped.

Our shrink sleeve labeling machines series use the newest shrink technology with large control touch screen. The humanize operation, the mainframe can be easy adjusted up and down with automatically. The labeling machine has been accurately designed,even use this machine with high speed for a long time, machine running is still very stable and smoothly.

Capacity100-150BPM(Depending on bottle sizes and label size)
Applicable Bottle Diameter35-95mm or customized
Applicable Length of Label30mm-250mm or customized
Applicable Thickness of Label0.03mm-0.13mm
Material of labelOPP/paper
OptionSteam Tunnel/Electirc Tunnel
Input Power1.5KW

Product Features

* Motor to up and down which enable the operation more convenient.
* It is easy to change the central clamping device without any tools.
* Oriental rolling label device can be lifting synchronal.
* The separating bottle screw, oriental belt and conveyor are adjusted synchronal.
* The new style cutting knife droved by servo motor, with high speed, more stable and precise, shrinks perfectively.
* Steam shrinking tunnel or electrical shrinking tunnel.
* Panasonice motor and driver.
* Adopt with motor coordinating with double circular arc synchronous belt makes clean down plastic core-rubber-tires synchronously and ensures the label casting stably.


1. Whole machine agreat quantity of stainless steel and good-quality ulminium alloy, reasonable fracture, compact, convenient to adjust;

2. Shrinkage film volume label rack, match with adjustable device, convenient to adjust according to differ volume label 5″~10″paper tube.

3. Simply installation, then can convenient for square and round bottle.
No need of instrument, rotary mechanism is convenient to adjust, apply to differ bottle type.

4. Unique sleeve labelling method, adopt to pressing sleeve labelling method, not only convenient but also reasonable.

5. Auto controlling feeding system, level-off shrinkage film materials and regulate/adjust strain simultaneity. Unique design knife plate, within specification scope, can avoid changing knife base, knife changing is quick and conveniently.

6. Mould changing is more quick, no need any instrument. Label location system, can promote and demote in-phase adjust location according to specific bottle type requirement.

7. Adopt to Japanese import servo system and high-sensitivity photoelectric, label cutting precision is highly.

Labeling System

1. Unique sleeve labeling method, using pressure sleeve labeling method.
2. The unique knife disc design can avoid changing the knife holder and change the knife quickly and easily.
3. Middle guide rod clamping system, fast mold changing speed, no need of any instrument.

Servo Motor

1. Servo motor can control the speed, position accuracy is very accurate, can convert the voltage signal into torque and speed to drive the control object.
2. The rotor speed of servo motor is controlled by the input signal and can respond quickly.
3. It is used as an actuator in the automatic control system, and it has the characteristics of small electromechanical time constant, high linearity and starting voltage, etc.


1. After the label is set, use the brush to reach the fixed label position.
2. Good elasticity, wear - resistant, not easy to damage, long service life.
3. Simple operation, short replacement time.

Touch Screen

1. Touch screen simple operation, intelligent system control, high reliability.
2. Simple, convenient and natural human-computer interaction.It gives multimedia with a new look,
3. It is a very attractive new multimedia interactive equipment.

Steam Shrink Tunnel

1. New bottle label steam shrinkage tunnel, label steam shrinkage machine,
2. label steam thermal shrinkage tunnel, label steam tunnel, thermal shrinkage efficiency is greatly improved;
3. For different specifications of shaped round, square, flat bottles, such as bottles, easy adjustment and maintenance, shrink flat.

Steam Generator

1. Small electric thermo steam bolier fracure compact and small cube, machine inner set auto water replenishing bump, and set auto water-level controlling, pressure controlling, can work continually.
2. Bolier water cubage low 30 litre, evoid complex annual YSR
3. Boiler water volume is small, working pressure is highly,