Automatic Tabletop Bottle Labeling Machine

Automatic Tabletop Bottle Labeling Machine
This labeling machine is mainly used for applying self-adhesive labels onto various round bottles, no matter pet bottles, glass bottles, wine bottles or vials. It is an automatic but small labeling machine that it will take very little space. If your workshop is small then this machine is your wise choice. This labeling machine adopt high-grade stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, labeling head use high-speed servo motor to ensure the accuracy and the speed of labeling; all the optoelectronic systems are also be used in Germany and Japan imported high-end products, PLC with man-machine interface control, easy to operate. This product is applicable to food, pharmaceutical, chemical, stationery, toys, hardware and other industries of round bottle full-circle or semi-circle labeling. Product stands on the machine when labeling. Easy to switch and adjust between bottles. In order to ensure the accuracy, the machine adopts Taiwan PLC, Switzerland imported chips, double step motor drive, encoder automatic tracks speed.

Voltage220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
Available Bottle Diameter15-120mm
Bottle Height25-350mm
Label Width25-150mm
Label Length25-300mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter75mm
Max.OD of label roll300mm
Speed40-60 pcs per minute
Accuracy┬▒1 mm
Packing Size1220*950*800cm


1. Suitable for labeling all kinds of cylindrical objects in different size.

2. Efficiency is as high as 40 pcs/minute.

3. Composed of the main body, label sender, label receiver, bottle rollers, etc.

4. High accuracy and high speed, dispensing & labeling automatically

5. Labeling has no creases or bubbles. Neat presentation and professional quality!

6. Made of branded PLC, sensor and other electronic components for reliable performance.

7. Modular design, convenient maintenance and low repair costs.

8. Labeling bottle adjustable, meeting different before and after the work piece labeling needs



Lightweight & Humanized Design

Small enough to sit on a desk comparing to the normal automatic labelling machine which is giant and uneasy to move around.

Automatic Photoelectric Sensor

Smart control for labeling and bottle detecting, it has automatic label calibration and detection to avoid any waste of labels.

Automatic Bottle Feeding

Seperates bottles automatically to improve stablity by eliminating the small size difference between each bottles.

Stainless Steel Body

Elegant appearance, non-deformation, high quality 304SS material that meets GMP standard, providing the best using experience.

Best Imported Component

Carefully picking the best component to build the machine, ensures high quality and long service life.

Automatic Batch Process

Easy to operate and maintain, lowering labor cost and improving efficiency.

Multiple Functions

Automatic counting and stopping to save electricity, automatic save settings, etc.

Touch Screen Control

Easy to control and switch different settings, it features a user interface with guides.

High Labeling Stability

Labeling is straight and flat, no bubbles or creases