Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine
Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine dapt with Mitsubishi PLC control, Omron and LEUZE sensors or Keyence, Mitsubishi Servo motor or delta servo motor. It is Easy control and operation, working stably and High speed and accuracy. Automatic warning on failures, no bottle no labeling. The labeling Machine is suitable for all kinds of objects with plane surface, such as boxes, bottles, cans, etc. Widely used in cosmetic, drinks, chemical, medical, food industry, stationery CD, various oil, etc, which can highly improve productivity and product quality.

Technical Paremeter
NO1labeling speed20-150pcs/min
NO2height of object30-200mm
NO3thickness of object20-200mm
NO4height of label15-110mm
NO5length of label20-300mm
NO5label roller inside76mm
NO6label roller outside350mm
NO8power supply220V /50/60HZ/0.75KW
NO9gas consumption of printer5kg/cm^2(if add coding machine)
NO10size of labeling machine1600*550*1600
NO11weight of labeling machine150kg

Product Features

  • PLC CONTROL, Automatically check the length of labels.
  • Equipped with warning device of insufficient labels,broken labels.
  • Servo motor cpntrol,stable labeling.
  • The label head is adjustable for different size of bottles.
  • It fits for different sizes of labels.
  • The height of label height is adjustable to fits different label position on the bottle.
  • The angle of label head is adjustable.

Automatic Flat Top Self-Adhesive Labeling Machine

The flat self-adhesive labeler is designed to achieve a rational production goal. The labeling process is automated, the operation is simple, the production speed is fast, and the labeling position is uniform, beautiful and neat; the device is mainly applicable to the single side of flat bottles and square bottles in food and beverage, grain and oil, medicine, daily chemical, chemical and other industries.