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Shanghai Feiyu packaging machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2008, has been devoted to counting and packing machinery manufacturer. Through years of industrious effort on technical research and quality promotion, Feiyu- Pack has become a professional packaging machinery manufacturer and distributor in Asia.


Today, our packing machinery has been exported to Europe, America, Latin America & South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. We have become an ODM&OEM manufacturer of many famous brands. Our main products applications include:

- Fastener(screw,nut,washer,nail,small hardwares etc.) counting and packing
- Furniture spare parts counting and packing
- Plastic pipe fittings (pipe,joint etc.)counting and packing
- Auto Parts counting and packing
- Machinery and appliance spare parts counting and packing
- Clothes parts (button,slider etc.) counting and packing
- Leechdom(tablet,capsule etc.)counting and packing
- Food(candy,biscuit etc.)counting and packing
- Other solid material counting and packing.It can pack the same material or mix the materials in the packs by quantity.

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