Automatic Wet Glue Labeling Machine

Automatic Wet Glue Labeling Machine
Automatic Bottle Wet Glue Labeling Machine automatically labels round container of glass, plastic, aluminum, pet, cardboard container, will wrap-around labels in the vertical position by using cold glue. The machine is rigid, versatile and engineered for reliability and enhance operational efficiency in addition, it has several exclusive features which offer additional advantages.
1, Wet glue labeling machine adopt mature PLC control system
2, glue labeling machine include the conveyor, paste the label on the bottle by glue
3, Wet glue labeling machine is used widely for the labeling of the round object in such industries as food, medicine, daily chemical and so on.

ModelBottle Glue Labeling Machine
DRIVEShift motor driven
LABELING SPEED50-120pcs/min
LABELSIZEWidth:20-220mm Length:80-370mm
MACHINE SIZE2400*824*1100mm
Input PowerAC 220V/380V 50/60HZ 750W

Product Features

* Operation: Wet glue labeling machine label box can be changed according to the different label size.

* Material: Glue labeling machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel

* Configuration: Wet glue labeling machine adopt well known Japanese, German, American, Korean or Taiwan brand parts

* Based on screw bottle entering bottles moving are steadier.

* Label box can be controlled to satisfy different labeling request.

* The size of label box can be changed according to the different label size. The operation is convenient and easy.

* It uses the glue pump and the glue can be used circularly. Quantity of flowing glue also can be changed to satisfy different labeling request.

* Compare to self adhesive labels, Paper label make a low cost.



1. Whole machine use 304 stainless steel and advanced aluminum alloy, meet the GMP requirement.

2. Automatic label sending, automatic pasting, automatic labeling which highly improve labeling efficiency.

3. Advanced compatible human-machine interface system, simple and intuitive, full of functions, with rich online help functions.

4. Using rotary-screw guide the bottles on conveyor, the bottle runs smoothly and the positioning is reliable. Using the rolling mechanism, the label pasting is good, the reliability of the labeling is enhanced, the protection device is equipped with no bottle sent, no label out, no paste, no labeling and so on.

5. The high purity copper glue box is matched with the stainless steel roller to make the process precise. The glue thickness can be adjusted according to the need, and the glue is equal, so as to eliminate the waste of glue and the phenomenon of glue leakage.

6. The special rubber roller is treated by several processes without deformation and wear resistance. The glue is uniform and light, and the amount of glue is saved.

7. Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, when no object and no labeling, no label automatic correction and automatic label detection function, to prevent glue leakage and label waste.

8. With the vacuum suction system and the belt cooperation, the label can paste on bottle smoothly .

9. Using the frequency converter, the speed of the motor can be adjusted freely and the labeling capacity is controlled freely.

10. It can work alone, and also can connect the production line.

11. The separation design of glue box, coated rubber wheel and rotating tower, make simple and quick cleaning.

12. The whole machine is selected by the world famous electric configuration to ensure the quality, make it more stable, longer use and less maintenance.

13. The speed of labeling, transport and bottle separating can realize stepless speed regulation, and adjust according to the need.

14. The adjustment is simple, the replacement of a small number of parts such as the turret, the vacuum belt and so on, can be quickly adjusted and satisfied with various specifications of the bottle. And the adjustment factors can be excluded to the maximum.