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Small Parts Counting Machine

Small bag hardware parts counting packing machine

1-Counting packing machine principle

1.1-Mechanical counting
This way is suitable for packing small quantity (1-12pcs /bag), using the fixed distance between the fittings, and adjust the baffle to this distance, to make the count.
This way is not suited to the large counting, and has a limit for different shape of fittings, we have abandoned this method.

1.2-Optic fiber counting

This way is used the optic fiber to make the counting, using the multi-function of the optical fiber, such as shake proofing, time delay etc. to count the different kinds of fittings.
There is not limit of the counting, it can count the fittings from 1-99999, by the PLC control, the quantity can be adjusted easily.
Also using different setting of optic fiber, most of the fittings can be counted.
Currently, we use this method for all of our machines.

1.3-Weighing and counting system

This method is based on the optic fiber counting.
Because the optic fiber counting shall be cooperated with the vibration hopper (to sort and feed the fittings to pass through the optic fiber one by one), and the speed of the vibration hopper is limited. For big quantity counting, the speed will a little slow. But we found for big quantity fittings the first 80-90% fittings are no need to be counted one by one, so we use the weighing system to scale the first 80-90% fittings, and detect the exact quantity by PLC, then add the balancing fittings by optic fiber counting.
This method is special for big quantity counting, usually more than 30pcs/bag, will be suggested using this method.

2-Counting packing composition

The machine is mainly composited by the following terms:

3-Typical machine introduction

3.1-1~3 hoppers counting packing machine
Introduction and Application:
For 1-3 counters, the counters can be put on the back of the machine directly, the counters can be used individually, also can work together to make the mixed packing.
Used to packing 1-3 kinds of fittings in bags or in cartons by quantity. Can be mixed packed also can be used to pack 1-3 kinds of fittings in different bags.

Machine features:

1-Controlled by PLC and touch screen, are parameters except the mechanical adjustment can be completed on the HMI.
2-Adopting optical fiber counting method and mechanical counting is optional. Counting device can be controlled by cylinder or solenoid switch.
3-When the hopper is empty the machine will give an alarm or stop.
4-Can achieve automatic disposing, counting, measuring, filling and packing. The counting quantity is adjusted freely.
The counting precision is tested more than 99.99%


Packing materialOPP/CPP, OPP/PE, PPET/PE etc.
Counting range1-9999(suggested 1-30)
Production capacity5-40bags/min
Packing sizeL(30-190)x W(50-140)mm can be customized
Compressed air0.6-0.8Mpa

3.2-Complicated counting packing machine

Used to pack different fittings in same bag or in different bags, also can select the working hoppers freely, to achieve different packing groups, like 7 kinds in one bag, 10 kinds in one bag.
It is specially designed for furniture fasteners packing and appliance fasteners packing to complete the one time packing automatically.

5-Introduction of accessories

In order to complete the whole job automatically, there are some optional accessories can be selected, such as:
5.1-Date/batch number printer
Heat exchanging printer: Set and control with computer, can print barcode, characters, pictures, logos etc.
Hot ribbon printer: A simple printer, can achieve simple characters, numbers print on bags, max 3 lines, width 10-30mm.