High Quality Screws and Fasteners Packaging Machine Weighing Packing Machine

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High Quality Screws and Fasteners Packaging Machine Weighing Packing Machine


Applicable Industry: Hardware, food, rubber, electronics, decoration fittings, door & window fittings, small metal products, etc.

The machine can have several vibratory disks can fill many different materials into the packaging bags at the same time. Users can also choose to use one, two, three or multiple vibratory disks. It is expansively applied in food industry, electrician, electrical appliance, light decoration and hardware building material manufacturing industry for automatic packaging of screws.

Technical Features:

1. Customized vibratory disks aiming to screws/heterotypic parts, precision counting control device, ensuring every bag correct.
2. Full automatic packaging machine adopts mechanical cam structure, enabling the whole machine safer, more stable and reliable.
3. Advanced PLC control system, automatic stop during failure, automatic alarming, automatic diagnosis, safe and simple for use.
4. Automatic feeding, counting, heating, packaging, variable packaging speed, failure display, etc.
5. Unique packaging and sealing technologies make the seal beautiful and firm.

During installation, the company will send technicians to installation site and provide installation instructions to the equipment provided, responsible for debugging the single machine or packaging machine set and ensuring the users to grasp equipment operation, repair and maintenance technologies within the shortest time.
The company provides free training to operators and will not leave until the operators operate the equipment skillfully.
The company carries out one year guarantee and lifelong repair service; within the guarantee period, it freely exchanges parts and components; beyond the guarantee period, it only charges the cost. It will timely notify the users when the equipment is updated, ensuring the equipment used by customers to keep advanced technology.

FunctionsFilling, packaging, sealing, metering, barcode identification, printing, packaging assisting, code printing, code sprayingBrandREMEXPACKING
Power2.0/2.5(Kw)Packaging Film Width300/420(mm)
Bag Dimensions(L)30-160mm, (W)50-140(mm)
(L)50-300mm, (W)50-200(mm)
Packaging Speed  10-30 (bags/min)
Weight400/460(kg)Overall Dimensions800*1200*1500(mm)
Packaging MaterialFilm,PP/CPP,OPP/CE,PET/PE ETC.Packaging TypeBag
Automation DegreeFull-automaticApplicable ObjectsFASTENERS
Applicable IndustryCatering, food, textile, daily articles, toys, pharmacy, hardware, machinery, othersMaterial TypeHardware, fasteners and standard parts