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This Hardware Parts Packaging Equipment is suitable to mixing packaging for 1-40 varieties of items with spacing counting and fiber optics re-inspection.Solid sealing, smooth and elegant bag shape, high efficiency and durability are preferred elements.Automatic ordering, counting, packing and printing can also offer. Equipped with exhaust device, printer, labeling machine, transfer conveyor and weight checker makes it better.Furniture, Fasteners, Toy, Electrical, Stationery, Pipe,Vehicle etc industry is applicable to it.

Hardware Parts Packaging Equipment - Hinge Counting Packing Machine


The vibration disk, linear vibration collating unit and precise counting control unit are customized according to the screw samples, ensuring that each bag is accurate.

Adopts PLC control, and there is human machine operation interface, so it’s convenient to operate and adjust the equipment, and the degree of automation is high.

Intelligent temperature controller is adopted to control the horizontal and longitudinal sealing temperature, which can realize firm sealing, good tightness,flat and beautiful bag type, the packing efficiency is high.

Stepper motor subdivision technology is adopt for the bag making system, the color code of packaging bag is automatically tracked and positioned, and the operation and adjustment for bag making can be easily completed, it is featured by high speed, stable operation and low noise.

The packing speed is subject to stepless adjustment when the nominal range, positioning for the open and stop.

Bag making, measurement, filling, sealing , cutting and printing of batch number can be automatically completed.

Counting by vibration is adopted, the measurement of the packed material with uniform density is accurate, meeting the national metrological standard.


Applying to the packing of various kinds of items with regular shape in many industries, like food, hardware, medical products, daily use products, stationary,toys, hotel supplies, electric products etc.

Hardware Parts Packaging Equipment - Hinge Counting Packing Machine Application

Counting and Packing Speed:

MaterialCounting speed(pcs/min)

Parameters of Hinge Packing Machine:

Packing speed30-70 bags/min
Range of measurementAs above
Bag sizeLength: 50-160mm, width: 50-140mm
Bag materials PE, Paper/PE, NY/PE, VMPET/PE etc.
Total power3KW
Supply Voltage220V, 50HZ
Bag making form3-side sealing/ 4-side sealing/
Dimension 3500*1500*1600mm

Hardware Parts Packaging Equipment - Hinge Counting Packing Machine