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Automatic Screw Counting Packing Machinery


This machine can equip with multi-vibration slabs, and it can pack different materials in one bag. The user can choose the vibra

The set of packing machine is apply to pack varietal screw , candy, pill is can count , make pouch, filling, sealing, print date. The machine is composed of filling tray of librate and packing machine. this machine have twelve filling tray of librate, it is albe to pack twelve material at the same time, and you can choose one or tow filling tray of librate.

Main characteristic

1. uses the Japanese Mitsubishi PLC programmable control, and is equipped with the Chinese and English body man-machine operation contact surface, thus causes the equipment operation simply, adjustment convenient, the automaticity is high.
2. aims at the screw sample quantity body to make to order, the straight-line oscillation arrangement installment, with precise counts the control device, accurately guarantees each bag to be unmistakable.
3. warm uses the intelligence to control a meter pair of road to control horizontally, vertical seals the temperature, thus causes the seal reliably, the leak-proof quality good, the bag smooth, fine, the packing efficiency is high.
4. systems bags system uses step machine subdivides the technology, the automatic tracking, locates the sack the color code, with ease completes the system bag the operation, the adjustment, the speed quickly, the movement steady, the noise is low.
5. uses the advanced intelligence photoelectric follow-up and the automatic compensation function, guaranteed the sack two-sided printing design automatically to the version, enhances the packing material utilization ratio.
6. in fixed scope stepless adjustment packing speed, localization yawn engine off.
7. can automatically complete the system bag, the measurement, fills, seals gathers, shuts off, the register, the printing batch number and so on completely works.
8. uses the grain of type measurement, installs the material measurement regarding the density even bedding bag to be accurate, conforms to the national measurement standard.

Description of Production

1.This machine can equip with multi-vibration slabs, and it can pack different materials in one bag.
2.The user can choose the vibration slab according to his demand.
3.This machine is widely used in different fields, such as building trades, illimination etc.

Packaging material

Filling scope1-100pieces/bag
Size of bagW:80-180mm   L:80-240mm

Packing Type

Three-sides and four-sides, backside closure
Total power1.8KW
Electrical Source220V,Single-phase 50HZ
Cabinet MaterialStainless Steel